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Choosing The Right Mountain Bike For You

Whether you’re planning on taking your bike downhill, or on some rough and tumble trails, mountain biking is both thrilling and a great exercise. If you’re planning your first off-road trek, finding the right mountain bike to suit your needs might seem like a daunting task.

Folding Bikes: Are They Really Worth It?

We can answer this question really quickly with another question: do you live or work in or around the city? If you do then yes, folding bikes really are worth it. Folding bikes make sacrifices to their design in order to be as compact as possible.

Do Electric Bikes Charge Themselves?

An Electric Bike may look the same as any other push bike, with the obvious exception of an electric motor that makes your ride smoother and easier. These motors can be found at either the front or rear hubs, or the mid-drive motor which can be found at the crankshaft.