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Fat Tyre Bikes

DATE: 01/10/2020

Fat Tyre Bikes 
Why do we love them? 

The 4x4 of the bike world, the fat tyre bike is an all-in-one for commuting, exercise, and fun! The stand out feature of a Fat Bike is its tyres... which can be up to four times larger than the average bike tyreThink; cushy, all-terrain, muscle bike – these Fat Bike beauties are an all-round dream for on-road and especially off-road trails. Find out why we, and everyone else loves a good Fat Tyre Bike... 

All Season Bike

Ride your bike in hail, rain, or shine! With these wider tyres, superior grip and traction, you’ll be equipped for a variety of trail conditions including snow and sand! Fat Tyre Bikes are likely to adjust to any kind of weather. They will not slip on wet stone, nor will they sink in mud or snow, making them the perfect means of transportation to get from one point to another or for just a bit of trail riding fun. Also, since they weigh more than a regular bikeFat Tyre Bikes are sturdier during strong winds while riding. 

Superior Comfort 

The fat tyres will make you feel like you're floating over the terrain, just like floating on clouds. Rough terrain with rocks and roots that would normally rattle you around on a regular bike, will barely be felt under the cush of Fat Tyre Bike. You also get the added benefit of superior stability, with the wide wheel base, enjoy that extra support – this is also great when you have some extra load on board like backpacks.  

Go The Distance

That added comfort isn't for nothing, these bikes are made to go the distance! Whether it be an all-day adventure or a bikepacking trip – Fat Bikes are built to last any distance by allowing that added comfort for you, the rider, and also being allowing space and support for carrying extra weight (so your bags and packs, etc. 

Good Under Pressure 

These massive tyres can be ridden at dramatically low pressure. The lower pressure gives the tyres themselves increased surface area and grip while your ride. This increased width and grip on surfaces will allow for a smoother ride over unstable terrainHave fun experimenting with the different tyre pressures for different terrains, but a good rule of thumb – the higher psi will create more bounce, and the lower psi will help you float over uneven surfaces.  

Fat Bikes VS Mountain Bikes

So why would you get a Fat Bike over a Mountain Bike? Mountain bikes are great lightweight, mountain specific trail bike. Fat bikes are more of an all year-round bike, for every weather condition, and more versatile in mountain areas as well as other areas like sand and mud. Fat Bikes are heavier and sometimes a little bigger than a standard bike, but with this extra weight comes greater comfort while you ride.  


Hi my name is Sylvia and am 73=years young live in the country and would love to buy a 20” tricycle with fat tyres. Can you please tell me that you can help me with this. Waiting to hear from you and thank you for your help

Sylvia De Angelis

On fat tyre bikes: how mimic , what gears, what brakes when level of assembly. Is like green available? What timing. What warranty

R. Eaves