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For those who want to cruise around in style and comfort, with a classic design that users love. We offer a range of vintage bikes for a variety of purposes, from our single speed cruisers to our motor-assisted electric bikes. Choose between specially designed ladies vintage bikes or men’s vintage bikes to find the right fit for you.


Buy Cruiser Bikes Australia

Vintage Bicycles Melbourne Are Classic, Timeless in Style and Built with Modern Reliability Vintage bikes are the quintessential cool; transporting you back to the old world, whilst serving practicality and functionality. Our womens vi
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Buy Cruiser Bikes Australia

There is no doubt that our cruiser & vintage bikes are one of our most popular products. With two epic styles available, you have the choice to decide whether you are more a Classique or Riverside rider. Vintage and Cruiser Bikes are the quintessential of cool, so take a ride today.

Vintage Bikes

Vintage Bicycles Melbourne Are Classic, Timeless in Style and Built with Modern Reliability

Vintage bikes are the quintessential cool; transporting you back to the old world, whilst serving practicality and functionality. Our womens vintage bikes are Australian made, the design based on the European vintage ladies bikes of the 50s and 60s. Perfectly matched to urban terrain, our ladies vintage bike has become one of our most popular products.

Women's Cruiser Bikes

Our womens vintage bikes are stylish, simple and comfortable. There are a number of styles available in our vintage bikes Melbourne range. TheClassiqueis feminine, easy to ride ladiesretro bikethat you will grow to love as soon as you take her for a ride. Described as a mixture of timelessness and modern style, the Classique ladies vintage bike is a true 'classic'. TheRiversideLadies’ Cruiser is described as modern, bold and timeless. This ladies retro bike is lightweight, modest in design and built with high handlebars bringing out her feminine touch.

Cruiser and Vintage Bikeshave come a long way since they were reintroduced into the mainstream and we are glad to say that we have Melbourne’s best range at the best prices right here!

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Vintage & Cruiser FAQ

  • Vintage & Cruiser Bikes Australia

    With Progear, you’re getting access to the best vintage bikes Australia wide, from an Australian company. We ship to just about anywhere across the country, and also have a free pick-up option from our warehouse in Broadmeadows (VIC). Click here for more information about our delivery and pick up options.

  • Vintage & Cruiser electric bikes

    For those who want all the stylish comfort provided by a vintage or cruiser bike, with the added power and assistance that an electric bike gives you. Our cruiser electric bikes use a high-quality 250W EverDrive Motor, alongside a 36v internal battery, offering safety, power and longevity. This is on top of our classic, retro design, so you can enjoy a powerful motor in style and comfort.

  • Why choose a Cruiser Bike?

    There are a few reasons you might want to consider a Cruiser bike. But first: what is a vintage/cruiser bike? One of the biggest advantages is comfort. The swept back, high-rise handlebars create a comfortable riding position for the wrists and shoulders. They also allow the rider to sit more upright on the bike, which creates a more relaxed, natural posture as you ride. This is assisted by the relaxed saddle offset position, which angles the peddles more in front of the rider, enhancing that natural, relaxed feel. However, a big reason users love vintage/cruiser bikes are because of their stylish appearance, allowing you to cruise around while looking great. We also have vintage basket bikes that offer that classic look that users love.

  • Are your cruiser bikes good for long distance?

    Generally, our cruiser bikes are designed for city riding and suburban cruising, and not so much long-haul journeys. However, you can be rest assured that our high-quality components will last the long haul. If you’re using an electric cruiser bike, this will make long distances a lot easier. Otherwise, you can check out our trail bikes or mountain bikes if you’re looking for a good, long distance bike ride.

  • Are cruiser bikes simple to ride?

    One of the most attractive features in our selection of cruiser road bikes is how easy they are for just about anyone to pick up and cruise about. The swept back handles, relaxed saddle offset and adjustable seat make for a user-friendly, comfortable ride that anyone can enjoy. For ultimate ease of use, check out our single-speed bikes, designed for easy-riding, low maintenance and comfort.

  • How to assemble my cruiser bike?

    All Progear bikes come 90% assembled straight out of the box, with just a few simple steps before you get going. All assembly instructions will be included, however we also have handy video tutorials for each of our models. Simply search the bike type and model for a comprehensive tutorial on everything you need to know to get started.

  • Buy a Cruiser Bike with buy now pay later

    Progear has multiple ‘buy now pay later’ options, including Openpay and zipPay. These provide flexible payments options that allow you to delay or spread-out payments without interest. These include different options for payment plan structures, including weekly or fortnightly instalments.