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Bicycle Workshop Services

How Assembly works:

  • Book in your Workshop Assembly Service
  • Our Team assembles your Bike or Trike
  • Once assembled & ready, you'll be notified for collection

Assembly Terms and Conditions

By purchasing Assembly services for all Bicycles and Tricycles as advertised on Progear Bikes or through Authorised Progear resellers and marketing channels such as eBay, you (the customer) will be subject to the following terms and conditions laid out below:

  • All services provided will be a standard package.
  • Any custom solutions or modifications may be performed at discretion and will incur additional charges if deemed able to perform.
  • All payment must be received (and cleared) to Progear Bikes before Assembly services from our assembly providers can be performed. Should custom solutions become a requirement for the assembly service, the payment must be made and cleared to Progear before the service can be provided.
  • Cancellations will need to be received and acknowledged within 6 hours of ordering. Once the bike is assembled a cancellation will not be possible.
  • Assembly services will only apply to brand new, in the box products that are offered by Progear Bikes. We will not assembly or re-assemble any other brands.

Performing the Service

  • All units, items and accessories will be assembled and installed to the specification laid down in the manufacturer’s instructions as per standards.
  • All items will be visually checked for signs of external damage only prior to and on the completion of the service.
  • Our assemblers will endeavour to complete the service as quick as possible, however, delays can happen and we will accept no liability in respect of any delay.
  • Our assemblers will contact you once assembly has been completed and when it will be ready for collection.


  • Customers are recommended to check and test their newly assembled products. Once in the customer’s possession, Progear cannot be liable for any assembly related issues, excluding warranty issues.

Our liability to you

  • Progear excludes all liability in respect of any indirect or consequential loss, any loss of profit, use, anticipated savings, goodwill, reputation or business contracts, claims brought against you by any third party, or any other form of pure economic loss whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence or otherwise).
  • Progear exclude all liability in respect of any loss, damage or liability of any kind suffered by you or any third party directly or indirectly caused by modifications, adjustment, repairs or remedial work carried out by you or third parties without our prior written approval.
  • Our Assembly service does not remove the need for continuous adjustment & maintenance of your product. While owning your bicycle or tricycle, regular maintenance, upkeep and repairs on your product & it’s consumable components where needed will be required in order for a safe and functioning bike.
  • Our total liability in respect to negligent damage to property is restricted to items being assembled or installed by us whilst in our care, custody & control.
  • The estimate of our fees has been calculated on the basis that we can exclude or limit liability as set out in this Agreement. You confirm that you will bear yourself (or insure against) any loss for which we have excluded or limited liability.
  • Nothing in this Agreement will operate to exclude or limit our liability to you or any third party in respect of our assembly providers’ negligence as covered by legislation in Australia or in the state in which the installation or assembly was performed.


  • All information is subject to Progear’s privacy policy act, outlined in detail at /pages/privacy-policy
  • This agreement is subject to the jurisdiction of the Victorian Courts.

Please indicate that you have read and agree to the above Assembly Terms and Conditions.

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