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Amplify your bike ride with a Progear electric bike, providing motor-assisted pedalling to take your cycling to the next level. Electric bikes are fast becoming a popular option for a range of users, from daily commuters, to outback adrenaline seekers. They offer a safer, more convenient ride that still maintains the freedom and exercise of a regular bike. The motor-assist can be useful for a variety of settings, whether you're trying to maintain speed on a busy road, or taking on a steep incline or rough terrain. Progear have a range of models to choose from, including electric mountain bikes, road bikes and classic retro styles.


Electric FAQ

  • Electric Bikes Australia

    With Progear, you’re getting access to the best electric bikes Australia wide, from an Australian company. We ship to just about anywhere across the country, and also have a free pick-up option from our warehouse in Broadmeadows (VIC). Click here for more information about our delivery and pick up options.

  • Electric Mountain Bike

    Electric mountain bikes are for taking your off-road adventures to the next level, allowing you access to the toughest terrains and inclines. These bikes are great for those who want a sturdy machine to complete the most difficult of trails. It will allow you to make longer journeys, explore different environments, and make it up those extra steep paths. Progear’s range of electric mountain bikes are built with dual suspension for maximum comfort and control, as well as high-quality components for the best ride.

  • Electric Folding Bike

    These nifty commuters offer an agile, convenient bike that still packs a punch. The electric folding bike has a compact design that allows it to be folded up in a matter of seconds, and unfolded just as quickly, perfect for those short on space, or for fitting it in the car.

  • How do electric bikes work?

    Electric bikes integrate a battery-powered assist, which engages the motor automatically when you start to pedal. As you pedal, you’ll feel the motor start up, seamlessly reducing the effort of pedalling. Some models will allow you to shift between levels of motor assist, providing more or less assistance depending on the level. Our electric bikes use a high-quality 250W EverDrive Motor, alongside a 36v internal battery, offering safety, power and longevity. So how fast are electric bikes? This will depend on the model, but they’ll generally have a top speed of 25 km/h. It’s also very easy to maintain lower speeds as needed throughout your journey.

  • Why use an electric bike?

    Electric bikes are great for long-distance trips or tricky terrains, allowing you to take on more difficult journeys as well as achieve greater speeds. If you plan on carrying extra weight on your bike, the motor assist will be tremendously helpful, allowing you to transport greater weight loads than you would on a normal bike. They’re useful for those who struggle with regular bike usage, and find they’re easily fatigued by the act of pedalling. Some people might wonder: does an electric bike need a license in Australia? This will depend on the model and type of electric bike, but generally, you won’t need a licence or registration for your bike. This is as long as the bike has a battery with under 250W of power, and a top speed not exceeding 25km/h. All of Progear’s electric bikes will abide by these standards, but always check the road rules in your area to ensure you’re using your bike correctly.

  • How long does an electric bike take to charge?

    This will depend greatly on the model you’re using, and the type of charging port you have. It will usually take between 4-6 hours for an empty battery to reach full charge. Check the product manual of your bike for more information.

  • Are electric bikes easier to ride? 

    Electric bikes offer the most effortless experience, as a lot of the energy exertion from pedalling is removed. They’re very accessible, and don’t take any special expertise to learn how to handle. If you can ride a regular bike, you won’t have any trouble with an e-bike.

  • Can electric bikes be ridden in the rain?

    Luckily, all of Progear’s electric bikes are water resistant and can be ridden in the rain, providing conditions are clear enough for you to safely ride.

  • Buy an electric bike with buy now pay later

    Progear has multiple ‘buy now pay later’ options, including Openpay and ZipPay. These provide flexible payments options that allow you to delay or spread-out payments without interest. These include different options for payment plan structures, including weekly or fortnightly instalments.