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Discover the convenience and quality of Progear's electric folding bikes. Designed for ultimate portability and versatility, our folding electric bikes offer a lightweight and compact solution for commuters and riders on the go. Combining the additional power assist of electric bikes with the transportability of folding bikes, these bikes provide a range of benefits, including easy storage, effortless transportation, and the flexibility to navigate urban environments with ease.


Are electric folding bikes safe?

When choosing an el
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Are electric folding bikes safe?

Rest assured, electric folding bikes are designed with safety in mind. By requiring less exertion from riders, they reduce strain and fatigue. To ensure a safe riding experience, it is essential to follow instructions on how to properly fold and unfold the bike, wear a helmet, and travel at a safe speed. Choosing a reputable seller like Progear minimizes risks, as our models meet required safety standards and are some of the safest folding electric bikes Australia wide.

What to look for in an electric folding bike

When choosing an electric folding bike, consider key features such as motor size, tyre options, battery range, and folding mechanism. Assess your needs and preferences to find the best fit for your lifestyle, whether it's a compact model for urban commuting or a more robust option for off-road adventures. Progear offers a range of electric folding bikes to suit various requirements, ensuring you find the perfect match.

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Electric Folding Bikes FAQ

  • Are electric folding bikes good for commuting?

    Yes, electric folding bikes are excellent for commuting. Their compact size allows for easy storage at home, work, or public transportation. The electric assistance helps riders cover longer distances without unnecessary fatigue, making them an efficient and sustainable transportation option for daily commutes.

  • Are electric folding bikes good for exercise?

    An important distinction between electric bikes and motorbikes is that pedalling is still required to accelerate the bike forward, meaning it will always involve continuous physical activity. Some models will also allow you to shift between levels of motor assist, providing different levels of assistance depending on the level. These bikes offer flexibility, allowing you to adjust the level of electric assistance, making them suitable for riders of various fitness levels.

  • Can I take my electric folding bike on a plane?

    Before traveling, check with your airline about their specific policies regarding the transportation of electric folding bikes. In many cases, folding bikes are allowed on planes, but it's essential to comply with size and battery restrictions. Always pack your bike securely and follow any guidelines provided by the airline.

  • How do I carry my electric folding bike?

    One of the advantages of electric folding bikes is their portability. Most models come with built-in carrying handles or straps, making them easy to carry when folded. Additionally, you can use bike bags or cases for added protection and convenience during transport.

  • Do you offer Afterpay or buy now pay later services?

    Progear has multiple 'buy now pay later' options, including Openpay and ZipPay. These provide flexible payments options that allow you to delay or spread-out payments without interest. These include different options for payment plan structures, including weekly or fortnightly instalments.

    For more inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact us by phone or email and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist.