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Best Bike Trails In Sydney

DATE: 01/04/2021

Sydney is a gorgeous city. It’s filled with architectural marvels, famous landmarks, and framed by the stunning natural beauty of the harbour and the coast. It’s always worth getting out and exploring the city whether you’re a tourist, new in town, or a seasoned local. There’s no better way to see the sights of the city than hopping in the saddle and riding along one of the amazing bike paths Sydney has to offer. 

Watson’s Bay 

Hit up some of the coolest spots in the city and check out the Watson’s Bay bike trail. Also known as the Eastern Suburb Hills cycle route, this path takes you along the inside of the iconic Sydney Harbour and down the coast to the famous Bondi beach. Cutting back in towards the city, you’ll ride through some of Sydney’s beautiful Eastern Suburbs before finding yourself at the historical Centennial Park. Although it can be shortened, this is a decent ride at 32km. Not ideal for young families but perfect for anyone who wants a great taste of what Sydney has to offer. 

Gladesville Loop 

The Gladesville Loop is another ride of moderate length, best reserved for confident riders but, like the Watson’s Bay trail, this is one bike track you’ll want to ride to take in Sydney. With the Gladesville loop you’re taken on a big tour of the harbour. Starting and finishing in the suburb of Gladesville, you’ll travel South and East along the mouth of the harbour before reaching Sydney’s bustling CBD. From there your ride gets really interesting as you cross the iconic Sydney harbour bridge and travel into the Northern suburbs. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the heart of the city and its beautiful harbour, this is the best way to do it. 

Parramatta River Loop 

You’ll need to head a little out of the city for this one but the Parramatta River Loop is perfect for the whole family. This bike path that skirts along the Parramatta River in Wentworth Point, West of the city, is only 15km and pretty much flat the whole way. It’s a shared cycling path so it’s safe for the whole family, and you’ll get some gorgeous views of the Parramatta River as it meets Sydney Harbour. Save this loop for a ride with the kids or just a leisurely pedal on the weekend. 

Barangaroo Loop 

Want to check out what Sydney has to offer in a more leisurely ride around the town? The Barangaroo Loop is mostly flat and only 25km from start to finish. This bike path will take you to the harbour where you’ll ride through Blackwattle Bay park, check out the wharves of Pyrmont, head into Barangaroo then cut South into the heart of Sydney’s CBD. This ride is great for families with reasonably confident riders. A great way to spend an afternoon exploring Sydney. 

Mosman Alps/Mosman Reserve 

The North Side Hills offer a bit more of a challenge for experienced riders who are looking for some of Sydney’s natural beauty. The Mosman Reserve bike track in its entirety is a hilly 28km ride North West of the city. Taken in Isolation, the Mosman Alps track is much shorter at 17km but no less hilly. The ride takes you along the outer edge of the harbours for some sensational views as the harbour greets the Pacific Ocean. This ride is full of awe inspiring views of Sydney and a great one for more confident riders to challenge themselves. 

Explore Sydney 

We think these are some of the best bike trails Sydney has to offer, but this is far from an exhaustive list. Sydney has so much to offer tourists, locals, and cyclists of all skill levels. Be sure to check out the Bicycle NSW website for more great trails or Strava for the most popular rides among your fellow cycling enthusiasts.