All Progear Bikes come 90% assembled in the box. We’ve taken care of all the nitty gritty work in setting up the bike to make sure it runs smoothly, so that when the bike gets to you, all that’s required is a few simple steps using simple tools. Each bike comes with assembly instructions.

Progear Tricycles will arrive disassembled in the box, and will come with detailed instructions on assembly. Most tricycles will require 60% of assembly, so in the interests of safety it is recommended that the tricycle to be assembled by a skilled bicycle mechanic.

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While assembly is a fairly simple process, please bear in mind that our warranty does not cover damage caused by incorrect assembly, so if you’re not confident assembling the bike yourself, we do recommend that you have your local bike shop assemble it for you.

See our new Assembly Video Tutorial for step by step advice on your new Progear Bicycle!
Progear Assembly Video Tutorials