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Discover the thrill and adventure that our range of BMX bikes brings to your ride. At Progear, we offer a range of BMX bikes, including single speed and multi-speed bikes. We also offer freestyle and cruiser bikes, which are slight variations on the BMX bike, offering a more relaxed feel and better suited to flatland tricks or street riding rather than high-speed racing. BMX bikes, short for Bicycle Motocross, are renowned for their compact and sturdy design, ideal for thrill-seekers who like speed and stunts. You can explore our full range to find the perfect BMX bike that matches your preferences and riding needs. Whether you're after simplicity, versatility, freestyle tricks or urban cruising, Progear has the right BMX bike for you.



Types of BMX Bikes

BMX bikes come in several specialised styles, each designed for distinct purposes. Race BMX bikes are lightweight and built for track competitions, emphasising speed and manoeuvrability. Freestyle BMX bikes feature robust frames and handlebar rotors, perfect for performing tricks and stunts. Street BMX bikes are designed to conquer urban terrains, with reinforced components for navigating obstacles. Park BMX bikes are ideal for skateparks and ramps, offering responsive handling for jumps and aerial manoeuvres. Selecting the right BMX type depends on your intended riding style and terrain, ensuring an optimized BMX experience.

  • BMX Bikes Australia

    At Progear, we take pride in offering the best BMX bikes Australia-wide, all from a homegrown Australian company. Our commitment extends to delivering to nearly every corner of the country, ensuring that BMX enthusiasts nationwide can access our exceptional range. Plus, for added convenience, we provide a free pick-up option from our warehouse located in Broadmeadows, VIC. For more details on our delivery and pick-up options, click here. Progear is your ultimate destination for top-quality BMX bikes in Australia.

  • Are BMX bikes fast?

    BMX bikes are designed for quick bursts of speed and agility rather than sustained high speeds. They excel at acceleration and manoeuvrability, making them ideal for tricks, stunts and short sprints.

  • Can anyone ride a BMX bike?

    BMX bikes are versatile and suitable for riders of various skill levels. Both beginners and experienced riders can enjoy BMX bikes, as they offer a low learning curve and the potential for skill progression. Taller users might feel more comfortable on a cruiser BMX, as these usually have larger wheels.

  • Are BMX bikes good beginners?

    Yes, BMX bikes are excellent for beginners. Their simplicity and durability make them a great choice for those starting their biking journey. They provide a stable platform for learning and honing fundamental biking skills.

  • Do BMX bikes have brakes?

    Most BMX bikes come equipped with brakes, typically a rear brake, although some models may include both front and rear brakes. Brakes are essential for safety, especially during tricks and stunts.

  • Do BMX bikes have gears?

    Traditional BMX bikes, such as freestyle and street models, are typically designed with just a single gear. However, multi-speed BMX bikes with gear systems are available for riders who require more versatility in various riding conditions.