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Glide over any terrain with a Progear fat tyre bike, delivering an unmatchable ride suitable for the toughest environments. Fat bikes are a type of big wheel bike with 26” by 4” wheels that make it easier to ride on uneven or rough terrains, and can even be ridden comfortably on sand, ice or snow. A fat wheel mountain bike is designed to provide traction and absorb shock from these terrains, reducing the excessive rattling that you would normally experience on a regular bike.


Fat Tyre Bikes FAQ

  • Fat Tyre Bikes Australia

    Progear produces some of the highest quality fat tyre bikes in Australia, and ships to just about anywhere across the country. Delivery times will differ across different states and territories, and you can check out our information page to find out more about our delivery options. We also offer free pick up at our warehouse in Broadmeadows (VIC).

  • What is a fat bike?

    A fat bike is a type of mountain bike with larger and wider tyres, designed to provide traction and reduce shock on uneven or rough terrain. This means they can be taken just about anywhere offroad, and can even be used on sand, ice or snow.

  • Why use a fat bike?

    A fat bike is most useful if you’re planning on going offroad, or on unusual surfaces. Riding a regular bike through these areas will cause a considerable amount of discomfort, rattling and bounce. This is not only uncomfortable, but is more likely to cause injury while damaging your bike in the process. Fat bikes absorb shock from uneven terrain, delivering a smooth ride no matter where you’re taking it.

  • Are fat bikes good for long distance?

    The fat bike’s strength is in its longevity and long-term use. The denser tyres will make long distances not only more bearable, but will be safer for the bike and provide a greater amount of protection

  • Are fat tire bikes easier to ride?

    Fat tyres can be difficult to manoeuvre due to its heaviness and size, and new users may struggle with turning the bike. However, Progear’s fat bikes have been constructed with lighter alloy frames and high-quality components to assist in their manoeuvrability, making them much easier to ride.

  • Are fat bikes good for heavy riders?

    While Fat Bikes have the same maximum weight as regular bikes, they’ll be able to handle a greater amount of stress and shock. The thicker tyres will provide a more pleasant riding experience, and the frame will also be rated to a higher maximum weight. This makes them ideal for heavier/taller riders, or when carrying extra weight.

  • How to assemble my fat bike?

    All Progear bikes come 90% assembled straight out of the box, with just a few simple steps before you get going. All assembly instructions will be included, however we also have handy video tutorials for each of our models. Simply search the bike type and model for a comprehensive tutorial on everything you need to no to get started.

  • Buy a Fat Bike with buy now pay later

    Progear has multiple ‘buy now pay later’ options, including Openpay and zipPay. These provide flexible payments options that allow you to delay or spread-out payments without interest. These include different options for payment plan structures, including weekly or fortnightly instalments.