OK Baby Ergon Rear Mounted Child Seat

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Rear Seat

It can be fixed to the seat tube. It fits frames with size between 28mm and 40mm. The seat can be also mounted on power-assisted bicycles (E-Bikes).
Picture shows Seat mounted on Progear Pomona Retro Bike.

Supporting System

It has a supporting system that dampens vibrations caused by the unevenness of the road

Easy Height Adjustment

Height adjustment from behind in 13 positions. Equipped with safety straps to prevent contact with the wheel spokes

Safety Harness

3-point safety harness adjustable in height in two positions and adjustable in length.

Water-repellent and Weatherproof Padding

It has toxic-free material, thermoformed, water-repellent and weatherproof padding. The padding can be hand washed in lukewarm water with neutral soap.

Security System Bracket

Equipped with lock security system bracket.

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